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Phones and voicemail are being monitored, but we recommend that you contact us via email rather than phone at this time.

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Wherever possible, we are conducting meetings via pre-arranged phone call or video conference rather than in-person.

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Our office is open to serve our existing and new clients, but we are not offering on-site services at this time.

We encourage you to get in touch with us by email if you need to reach us. We are monitoring phones and voicemail, but email is the best way to ensure we receive your message and can address it promptly. Please see our Staff Directory ⇣ below for a list of individual staff email addresses and extensions.

We are continuing to assist new clients who contact us by phone, email or by filling out our contact form.

We are working to ensure our existing clients’ matters continue to forward without interruption. Clients with questions or concerns about their matter are encouraged to email their lawyer directly.

For all general inquiries or new matters, please email

Staff Directory

Dermot Nolan (905) 522-9261, x227
Franco Ciarlo (905) 522-9261, x228
Heather McKinnon (905) 522-9261, x225
Ned Nolan (905) 522-9261, x226
Kennedy Nolan (905) 522-9261, x234
Mark Daly (905) 522-9261, x224
Louise Bryck (905) 522-9261, x221
Lisa Kennedy (905) 522-9261, x231
Dorothy Lukindo (905) 522-9261, x222
Sherry Miller (905) 522-9261, x223