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Hamilton's litigation law firm.
Lawsuits are our business - prosecuting, defending, settling, mediating or resolving them in the courtroom.

Hamilton Litigation Lawyers

personal; commercial; estates; malpractice

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Civil Litigation & Personal Injury Litigation

Lawsuits are our business - prosecuting, defending, settling, mediating or resolving them in the courtroom. Whether it’s suing over terminated employment, an injury caused by someone's negligence, an insurance company that breaks its promise, an inheritance fight, a real estate deal gone wrong, a business dispute, professional malpractice or simply the collection of a bad debt – we can help.

We have consistently proven that most disputes can be settled with effective advocacy and skillful negotiation. While we never underestimate the risks or costs of going to court, when that is the only option we will not hesitate to use our years of courtroom experience to vigorously advocate for our clients’ interests.

Our expertise in fields such as employment, personal injury, insurance, real estate, commercial and estates law, combined with our civil litigation experience, powerfully equips us to fight for all of our clients’ rights when disputes arise in these areas.

Our formidable litigation team is ready to fight for our clients, whatever the issue.  Dermot Nolan is certified by the Law Society of Ontario as a Specialist in Civil Litigation and has over 40 years of litigation experience.  Franco Ciarlo is a seasoned litigator who has been advocating for clients in and out of the courtroom for over 20 years.  Heather McKinnon brings to our team a wealth of expertise in estates and commercial litigation matters.  Ned Nolan's specialized focus on employment law means clients can be confident they are in good hands when it comes to workplace litigation.  Kennedy Nolan is a past director of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association and has spent his career helping people find practical and positive outcomes through the litigation process.  And Mark Daly rounds out our litigation team with a solid, hands-on foundation in personal injury litigation and employment law.

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