Hamilton Disability & Insurance Lawyers

longterm disability; short-term disability; automobile/life/accident insurance

Hamilton Disability & Insurance Lawyers

longterm disability; short-term disability; automobile/life/accident insurance

We can help when insurance companies break their promises - whether it's about Long or Short  Term Disability (STD or LTD), insurance, car insurance, property insurance or life insurance. We never act for insurance companies - our job is to hold them accountable to our clients.

Canadian courts have told insurance companies over and over that it is their duty to treat their customers with the utmost good faith. Unfortunately, a lot of insurers still don't get it - they're great at collecting premiums, but not so good at paying benefits. Instead of being there for you when you need them, it’s not uncommon for insurers to deny and delay legitimate claims.

If you become disabled, you shouldn’t have to fight to get the disability insurance benefits that you and your employer have been paying for - that’s where we come in. Our job is to make sure your insurance company lives up to its side of the bargain and provides you with the benefits you are entitled to.

Sometimes group insurance protection can be cut off when an employee is wrongfully dismissed. Our expertise in both insurance litigation and employment law powerfully equips us to fight for all of an employee's rights in these situations.

Dermot Nolan has been holding insurance companies to account on behalf of our clients for over 40 years. He is a founder and past president of the Ontario Trial Lawyers' Association (OTLA). He continues to be a leader in the fight for fair insurance legislation in the face of the manipulations of Ontario’s powerful insurance industry lobby.

Franco Ciarlo has been fighting insurance companies on behalf of the little guy for over 20 years. He has lots of  experience with statutory “no fault” accident benefits as well as other disability claims.  His goal is to ensure that his clients receive the benefits to which they are entitled in a timely manner and he has a knack for cutting through the red tape.  Franco currently serves as a director of the Hamilton Medical-Legal Society.

Ned Nolan’s expertise in employment law gives his clients a further level of comfort when he is helping them collect benefits denied by their employment benefits insurer.

Kennedy Nolan is a past director the Ontario Trial Lawyers' Association (OTLA), Canada's largest association of plaintiff trial lawyers. He has very little patience for bullying or unfair behaviour by insurance companies, and a large portion of his work involves taking insurers before courts or tribunals to achieve successful outcomes for his clients. He has a particular focus on long-term disability (LTD) insurance claims, and he is adept at navigating Ontario's complex car insurance "accident benefits" system.

Insurance Denial Resources

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