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In most cases, employees in Ontario are entitled to reasonable notice before being fired from a job. If notice isn't given, they may be entitled to equivalent compensation (often called severance pay).

Calculating a notice period is more art than science. There are no simple formulas. Courts look at each case individually, and consider a wide range of factors to decide what's reasonable in a particular situation.

Severance calculators like this one are only able to make guesses based on limited information, patterns in the caselaw, and the experiences of the lawyers who helped develop it.

A notice period calculator can be helpful to give you a rough idea of what you might be owed, but the result is definitely not legal advice, and you shouldn't rely on it as such. There are lots of reasons the period in a particular case could end up being shorter or longer (in some cases much longer) than a simple calculator predicts.

Your best bet is always to talk to an experienced local employment lawyer to get a customized assessment for your unique case. Our initial conversation is always free - so why not?

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