Hamilton Wills & Estates Lawyers

succession planning; estate administration; powers of attorney

Hamilton Wills & Estates Lawyers

succession planning; estate administration; powers of attorney

Everyone understands the need to get their house in order so that things run smoothly in the event of their death or incapacity. Unfortunately it’s too often put off until it’s too late. Or worse: sometimes sloppy, fill-in-the-blanks arrangements create a host of new problems. We are proud to continue the tradition of trusted personal care in estate planning and administration that was established by our distinguished founder, John J. Hunt, K.C.

A carefully prepared and properly executed will - and powers of attorney for property and personal care - are the most thoughtful gifts we can help you give to your loved ones. And when the time comes, they can count on us for the same trusted personal care in helping them administer your estate or manage your financial affairs or healthcare decisions.

Franco Ciarlo and Heather McKinnon have the expertise and sensitivity to help our clients and their families responsibly plan the future while respecting the past.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the good sense or chance to make a responsible plan and families can be ripped apart over a disputed inheritance or a contentious estate.  We understand the need for special sensitivity when these disputes arise - and how estates can be dissipated by foolish litigation - but our expertise in both estates law and civil litigation powerfully equips us to fight for all of our clients’ rights if estate litigation is the right option.

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