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purchases; sales; mortgages; condominiums; refinancing

Real estate is a big deal – even when it’s a small deal.

We understand that for many families, buying or selling a house or condominium is often the biggest and most intimidating financial experience of their lives. That’s why we don’t do assembly-line real estate; we treat each client and each transaction with the personal care and attention that has been the touchstone of our firm for over 100 years.

Whether it’s a simple purchase, a sale or a mortgage - a new house or a resale - or a complicated financing or land development project, from negotiating the agreement to closing the deal, we get the job done efficiently and economically.

Our clients know that their lawyer will be there for them from beginning to end - skilled, determined and accessible. When they pick up their keys – or their cheque – they know their interests will have been fully protected. But in the rare case that a deal goes bad, they also know that our expertise in both real estate law and civil litigation powerfully equips us fight for all their rights.

Heather McKinnon brings to our clients her expertise in real estate law as well as 15 years of practical business experience before she became a lawyer, along with genuine personal sensitivity to their concerns.

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You can depend on our lawyers to effectively advocate for your interests.

Good Judgment

You can depend on our lawyers to exercise good judgment and help you make good decisions.

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