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Try our new notice period calculator for Ontario employees and employers to get an idea of employee severance entitlements. Answer a few questions and we can help you understand what might be owing when the employment relationship comes to an end.

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We help employers and employees understand their rights and obligations, and fight for fair solutions when problems arise.

The cruelties of the marketplace and the ups and downs of the economy can sometimes wreak havoc in people's lives, whatever side of the employment nexus they're on. At Nolan, Ciarlo LLP we help both employees and employers find fair solutions when problems develop in the workplace, or when the employment relationship ends.

Wrongful dismissal is wrong, period.  Downsizing employers can count on us to help them get it right. And employees who have been wrongfully terminated, constructively dismissed, or unfairly compensated can count on us to fight for them when employers get it wrong.

Human rights abuses and discrimination have no place in the workplace and employees who have been victimized can count on us to fight for them when their dignity and rights have been violated.

A carefully drafted and expertly reviewed employment contract is the foundation of a successful employment relationship. We help employers draft fair and bulletproof agreements, and employees understand and negotiate agreements before they sign.

Workplace problems are often accompanied by a denial of LTD disability benefits. Our expertise in both employment law and insurance litigation powerfully equips us to fight for all of an employee’s rights in these situations.

Our clients are fortunate to have Ned NolanKennedy Nolan and Mark Daly on their side. Our Hamilton employment lawyers bring to every case a principled dedication to fairness in the workplace, and a commitment to providing clients with personally tailored solutions to their unique situations.

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  • "Honest, Knowledgeable & Understanding would be how I describe Ned Nolan..."
  • "I am highly recommending Mark Daly. He is professional, dedicated, understanding and was very patient with all the questions we threw at him...."
  • "It was clear that Kennedy and team genuinely cared about achieving the best possible resolution for me and my family..."
  • "From beginning to end Dermot guided us every step of the way and kept us informed of all proceedings. The outcome was even more favourable than we anticipated."
  • "Great firm to work with. Honest and hardworking. Frank Ciarlo is always there to answer any questions or concerns."
  • "I have worked with Heather many times, and she is absolutely amazing. Very timely, professional and ++ helpful."

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