Our office location is open and operating with enhanced safety measures at this time.


🛑 Visiting the office – by appointment only
Most meetings are being conducted remotely at this time. If you need to visit the office, please phone us first to make an appointment and to confirm our procedures.

🤒 Feeling sick?
Please do not visit the office if you are feeling even slightly unwell or have had any symptoms in the past two weeks.

😷 Please wear a mask
All visitors to the office are required to wear a mask.

📏 Maintain physical distance
All visitors to the office must maintain a distance of at least two meters (6 feet) from others at all times while on the premises.

👋 Wash your hands
All visitors to the office are asked to make use of the hand sanitizer provided.

We are open during ordinary business hours. However, some of our lawyers and staff may be continuing to work remotely some of the time. If you need information about a specific member of our team, please contact them directly ⇣.

Phones are being answered during ordinary business hours. Faxes, courier and mail are being received as usual.

We are continuing to offer virtual services to our new and existing clients, including telephone and video consultations. Whenever possible, meetings are being conducted remotely.

Visitors to our office are asked to call us before visiting at (905) 522-9261 to schedule an appointment and confirm our procedures. Visitors who have had any symptoms or felt unwell in the past two weeks will not be permitted to attend at the office. Visitors are required to wear a mask while in the office. Visitors are also asked to use the sanitizer provided, and to keep two metres away from others at all times. Information about additional protective measures has been posted in the office. Visitors are requested to review and abide by all posted guidelines.

The safety of our clients and staff remains our paramount concern. If you have any questions or concerns, we invite you to contact us at (905) 522-9261 or contact@nolanlaw.ca.

Staff Directory

Dermot Nolan dpn@nolanlaw.ca (905) 522-9261, x227
Franco Ciarlo fc@nolanlaw.ca (905) 522-9261, x228
Heather McKinnon hmckinnon@nolanlaw.ca (905) 522-9261, x225
Ned Nolan nn@nolanlaw.ca (905) 522-9261, x226
Kennedy Nolan kennedy@nolanlaw.ca (905) 522-9261, x234
Mark Daly md@nolanlaw.ca (905) 522-9261, x224
Louise Bryck louise@nolanlaw.ca (905) 522-9261, x221
Lisa Kennedy lkennedy@nolanlaw.ca (905) 522-9261, x231
Dorothy Lukindo dorothy@nolanlaw.ca (905) 522-9261, x222
Sherry Miller smiller@nolanlaw.ca (905) 522-9261, x223