COVID-19: Protecting our clients and staff

Our office location is open and operating with enhanced safety measures at this time. COVID‑19 PROCEDURES & PRECAUTIONS 🛑 Visiting the office - by appointment only Most meetings are being conducted remotely at this time. If you need to visit the office, please phone us first to make an appointment and to confirm our procedures. 🤒 Feeling sick? Please do not visit the office if you are feeling even slightly unwell or have

No more trials? What would Cicero Say?

By Dermot Nolan There is nothing virtual about real justice. But virtual justice may be the new reality. And we should be worried. The digital trap had already been set before COVID-19 tripped it. Suddenly, everything is remote. Personal contact is out; distancing is in. We have the technology. Who needs real people? We’ve got screens. Convenient, to be sure. But dangerous. A recent internal report by two members of the powerful and little-know

How to Sign an Emailed PDF

With many law firms operating remotely these days, one issue that keeps coming up for lawyers is: how do we get documents signed? Jump to step-by-step instructions → The simplest option, of course, is to mail a paper copy of the document to the signor and have them sign it and mail it back.  While it works, this method is very slow and inconvenient. Another option is to email the document to the signor to have them print it, sign it, scan it and then


Our office is open and operating with enhanced safety measures at this time.