The Law At Work: Employment Law and the #MeToo Movement

July 2018 By Ned Nolan and Mark Daly The #MeToo movement is a long overdue awakening which is bringing to light the prevalence of sexual harassment in our society - particularly in the workplace. Often thought of as a cultural movement fuelled by social media, #MeToo also has to function as a legal movement fuelled by intelligent advocacy, litigation and heightened legal compliance by employers. If #MeToo has taught us anything, it is that work

Why can’t juries handle the truth? Published in the Globe and Mail on April 6, 2018

Dermot P. Nolan is a Hamilton lawyer and a former president of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association. “Do you swear that the evidence you give shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” That is the standard of truth that our courts expect of every witness. But it is not the standard by which the real story is presented to every jury. In fact, the whole truth is often distorted and concealed from civil juries by an elaborate and sys

The Law at Work: Tim Horton’s and the Minimum Wage Backlash. Published in the Hamilton Law Association Journal, February, 2018

The Law At Work by Ned Nolan and Paul Di Clemente   By now you may be tired of hearing all of the arguments and rhetoric (and hyperbole) surrounding the minimum wage hike here in Ontario. It has been a hot topic in employment law circles this past year and we wrote about the pending changes in a recent The Law At Work article. At the risk of being repetitive, we feel the need to address the latest developments on the subject due to the recent

Adrienne, Fonthill

Adrienne, Fonthill
We had confidence right from the beginning that we would be treated with professionalism, skill and dignity and that we would be given excellent advice and all the knowledge we needed to proceed. From beginning to end our lawyer guided us every step of the way and kept us informed of all proceedings. The outcome was even more favourable than we anticipated.

Sean, Burlington

Sean, Burlington
Dermot and his team came into our lives at a very dark time. My son’s accident left my family devastated in too many ways to mention. From the first conversation I had with him on the phone I felt a great weight lifted off my family. His kind words and friendly tone set the stage for what would be the most difficult journey of our lives, one we most certainly could not have made without him and his teem. The compassion and understanding they showed us felt...

The Law at Work: Changes to the Ontario Minimum Wage. Published in the Hamilton Law Association Journal, August, 2017

The Law at Work - Ned Nolan and Paul Di Clemente   It looks like the minimum wage in Ontario is going up – and not everyone is happy about it.   On June 1, 2017, the Ontario government introduced the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017 (“Bill 148”) which proposes various amendments to the Employment Standards Act (“ESA”) and the Ontario Labour Relations Act among others. At the time of writing, the bill has not yet received royal a


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