It’s that time again… Vote for your favourite local businesses in the Hamilton Spectator’s 2021 Readers’ Choice awards!

This is a great way to show support for local businesses and to encourage raging intra-office debates about whether or not Easterbrooks deserves to be listed in the best hot dog in Hamilton category even though it’s technically in Burlington.

We’re honoured to have been nominated in 5 categories this year! Get your votes in by September 26th!

Best Hamilton Law Firm
     Vote for Nolan, Ciarlo LLP
Best Personal Injury Law Firm in Hamilton
     Vote for Nolan, Ciarlo LLP
Best Real Estate Law Firm in Hamilton
     Vote for Nolan, Ciarlo LLP
Best Real Estate Lawyer in Hamilton
     Vote for Heather McKinnon
Best Employment Lawyer in Hamilton
     Vote for Ned Nolan
     Vote for Mark Daly

Who cares about the Readers’ Choice Awards?

We all know it: these awards are a little bit silly. So why take note of these community awards at all?

Well, it sometimes seems as if the city is drowning in aggressive and questionable legal advertising. If you spend just a couple of minutes online looking for a lawyer (especially a personal injury lawyer), it doesn’t take long before you come across outfits that pretend to be local firms that have no real connection to our community. For them, Hamilton is just another “market” to be exploited.

In fact, several of the “firms” you will come across literally do not exist – they are simply misleading “referral mills” for out-of-town operators. And it’s not uncommon for such “firms” to tout purchased or even entirely made-up “awards” to try to look more impressive. The whole situation is really an embarrassment to our profession.

Which brings us back to the Readers’ Choice Awards: frivolous or not, they are based on real local people voting for real local businesses. As a proudly local, community-oriented firm with roots in Hamilton stretching back over 100 years, recognition by members of our community really means a lot to us.

So yes, we’ll shamelessly toot our own horn once a year and have a bit of fun when “awards season” rolls around. Now, get out there and cast your vote to feed the growing feud between Ned and Mark for Hamilton’s best employment lawyer!*

*(though you do get 3 votes in each category if you want to support them both)